I Am Gary Hampton.

I Was Born In A Swamp
October 21, 2007, 3:40 pm
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Yesterday my room mates left the apartment to go grab some groceries, just enough time for me to quickly record a vocal track for a new song we’re writing. I don’t like recording vocals when other people are in the apartment. I don’t know, something about singing alone with no other sound at the same time (as I’d be wearing the headphones) is just weird.

So I listened to it yesterday a handful of times, then today re-wrote some parts and just finished a final demo. Now let’s see what the band thinks, re-write to everyone’s liking and there’s a new song done.

We’re recording another split in mid-November, either 3or4 songs each with Rockets!. We have 2 nearing completion right now with quite a few ideas floating around. I’m really excited. Not just for new songs but it’s just another step forward which is great.


i’m listening to…

Weatherbox ‘Trippin’ The Life Fantastic’
Manchester Orchestra ‘Anything Left’
Radiohead ‘Body Snatchers’
Brand New ‘You Won’t Know’


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