I Am Gary Hampton.

Is It Really That Complicated?
October 22, 2007, 6:14 pm
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I went to Best Buy on my lunch break today to get a new enclosure for a portable hard drive. I borrowed my friends drive to put some files on it for him, but when I got home the case was broken. I wasn’t sure if I had broken it or if it was already like that, but I assumed it was me so I went to get him a new one. (sorry Joel.)

Anyway, I was standing around looking for someone to help me for about 15 minutes before I finally got someone’s attention, then he told me they didn’t have the right size, that maybe I should go down the street to Futureshop (great sales technique buddy…) but he then said to talk to someone on the ‘Geek Squad’ and they could help me. So I did, and he just looked at me arrogantly before going into the back and told me someone would help me, just sit down.

I sat for 20 minutes. Nobody even acknowledged me. And the guy who told me to sit was just chatting away in the back, then he came out and started talking to someone else.

So I followed the first guy’s advice and went to Futureshop. I’m not a fan of FS, but I went in and had a couple of people ready to help me right away, I didn’t even have to look. It took me less time to get help, find what I need, pay and leave then it took me to get someone’s attention at Best Buy.

Best Buy used to be great to me! Great prices, great service…now they lie to me about the cost of products and don’t help me at all. What happened? What happened to the way things used to be?

And now I have to wait 3 whole hours for Heroes…



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