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Halloween; A Week In Advance
October 27, 2007, 10:57 am
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Last Thursday was quite the day…

For fear of this becoming a very long post, I will try to keep this to the essentials. Thursday night was our staff Halloween party, and by Wednesday night I was still costume-less. Last year the party was over the top, and with this year being a joint MTV/MuchMusic party I expected even more craziness then last year. People go all out with costumes and the party itself is just plain ridiculous. So Wednesday night I go out with MK to pick up supplies and make my costume. I was going a 50 Cent, but not the simple way. You see, I enjoy puns, so my costume ended up looking less like a rapper and more like this:

Gary as 50 Cent

Double sided, took about 3-4 hours to make and cost about $50-$60 in the end. Even had 9 bullet holes. Check the pictures to see more.

So that was that, and Thursday came around. Worked during the day, then had to decide whether to go straight to the party for 9 or go to the Most Serene Republic show first. Ended up going to the TMSR show (which was incredible, really. Best I’ve ever seen them play), I left during their last song and grabbed a cab to the party.

The party was, as last year, ridiculous. Hundreds of people at the temple dancing like fools (myself included). There was a dj spinning for a while before they had the costume competitions. Winners for different categories got some pretty great prizes, like XBOX 360’s, iPod touches and box seats for the Spice Girls show. I didn’t win anything and am still XBOX-less.

After the prizes were handed out we finally got to see the first of 2 surprise performers, Attack In Black. They played a half hour set in full costumes, I had a blast! After that DJ Dopey spun for a while before our second surprise performer, K-OS, hit the stage. I must say, he was dang entertaining. Even threw in some Idioteque for a brief moment which made me happy.

Most of the night was a mix of trying to maneuver through the crowd in my costume, a few trips to my desk downstairs to fix my costume (the straps kept falling apart) and the majority of the time was spent dancing like a fool with a few hundred other dancing fools. I’m not going to lie, dancing like a fool is one of my favorite pass times that I only get to enjoy once every few months, if that. This night ranks #2 on my all time dance-like-a-fool list, right behind Kyla’s wedding.

I grabbed a cab and went home at about 2am, the party was still going off but I had to get some rest as I worked the next morning. Why do they throw parties on a Thursday night? Really.

T’was a good night. And that was just the short version…


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You are probably the most clever person I know.

Comment by Meg

i am going to be a lion for halloween and it’ll be sweet, but not clever. i’m just worried about it being too elaborate and people thinking i’m a furry.
my girlfriend is going as apri o’neil from the ninja turtles so that is awesome.

Comment by mark

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