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House, Please.
October 30, 2007, 4:19 pm
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I’m moving out of the apartment soon-ish, hopefully before 2008 comes around. I’m looking for a house, apartment life is just not for me. Me and my friend Vanessa from work are looking around, we’re checking out a place tonight so fingers crossed!

I spent my Saturday night in Oshawa at Adam’s Hallowe’en party and I was absolutely amazed by how well 8 people can live together. I’m living with 3 other people right now and it’s a disaster. They have 8, all who do their chores and pay their rent on time and make an active contribution to the house. Why can’t everyone be like that?

The new place, and the new people, should be great.


EDIT: The place was a bust. But turns out someone at work has a friend who’s looking to rent out her house, and it’s PERFECT for what we want. So things are looking up!

EDIT EDIT: The ‘perfect’ house may not be up for rent anymore, and only for sale. Which is lame. BAH!


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Shoot… I know a house in Stroud!
lol, or just show up at joel and melissa’s

Comment by Garth

Don’t bad talk Davin, he is awesome in every which way apart from losing to Ben Tustain in a smoke-off. Davin is like a modern day god.

Comment by Tyler

move somewhere around college and spadina so i can move in next year if i get into ocad!

Comment by jake hildebrand

I would have suggested last week that you look at my bf’s bosses house that they have for rent but we just rented it our selves. I hope you find something, it’s really hard to find a good place.
If all else fails, you can come sleep in our second bed room.

Comment by Meg

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