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Things I’ve Learned
November 9, 2007, 7:26 pm
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Over the past few years I’ve learned a lot. Not just learning in the ways of facts and ideas, but in ways of life and living as well. Some things I have learned I use in life daily, others I understand but for some reason haven’t implemented myself yet. But for some reason I felt the urge to list a few things I’ve learned, and I would be interested to hear your thoughts.

  • hard work really does pay off, even if people don’t always acknowledge it
  • you really can do anything if you want it bad enough (they didn’t lie to us…)
  • 5 minutes of pre-planning can save 5 hours of backtracking
  • it’s important to know where you stand with people, on both a personal and professional level
    • know your role. don’t overstep your bounds
  • always think things through on multiple levels. don’t just see things on the surface
  • there is always more to the story than you’re told, but you don’t always need to know the whole story
  • PATIENCE. if you want something, it will happen. but maybe now isn’t the right time
  • stop thinking about yourself for a few minutes and think about what you can do to make someone else happy
  • regardless of how busy you are, spend a few hours a week doing absolutely nothing.
    • (sounds weird, but it works wonders)
  • COMMUNICATE your thoughts or things are never going to improve
  • sometimes you just have to let go
  • what you eat really does affect how you feel
  • make time for your friends. life gets busy and you can’t let friendships suffer
    • real friends are always there, no matter how long it’s been since you’ve last talked
  • other people have lives that don’t involve you. this isn’t a bad thing. this is life.
  • never underestimate the comfort safety importance of home.

The part about this that really gets me about everything I keep learning in life (and I truly mean life, that thing they always told us would arrive one day) is that I’m never really learning anything new, I’m just accepting something I was told years before.

The advice we get from people sometimes seems too simple, and we nod and say ‘yes, i understand’. But for me, it’s always a matter of actually accepting the advice of others and accepting that maybe someone else does know something I don’t. Maybe I don’t have everything figured out.

Maybe there’s more to life than I know right now.



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For some reason, what i just read here really helped me….i feel better just by reading this, its hard to explain tho 🙂

Comment by Krista-Lee

stop thinking about yourself for a few minutes and think about what you can do to make someone else happy

Thats hippy talk gary

RESPONSE: Well, sometimes the Hippy’s get it right.

Comment by TYLER!

Reading this makes me soooo proud! You sure have learned a lot! There’s nothing I would disagree with, and it shows so much maturity.
You are a man my son.

Comment by Jenny/Mum

I’ve always believed experience is the best teacher. My mom would tell me, some things you should never have experience if you simply humble yourself and take others advice who have experience. Growing up I never really took what she said to heart, and went through a lot of things I could have avoided.

Great post, it was very helpful =)

Comment by Therevoult

I feel instead of hard work : Sincerity, honesty towards work or Joy in work as the fun and accomplishment as award actually pays off.
Using work as a means to progress and achieve better goals.
Hard work with no heart or mind in it is a perpetual struggle leading to disappointments. You will often hear, work so hard but gained nothing. Setting heart, mind, passion to the work makes the work a pastime and one does not feel is working hard.

Comment by Ranjana

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