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Technology Is The New Black
January 5, 2008, 1:27 am
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111 Unread E-Mails

So today was my birthday. I turned 21. (well, it’s past midnight so I guess I should say yesterday, but you understand.)

I could be writing about my theory of time-zones and birthdays (12:26am UK time Jan 4 = 7:26pm CA time Jan 3) or about how this is the first birthday in a while where I’ve actually felt old, but instead I’m writing about how technology is taking away from human contact…a topic that’s been discussed many times but I will present some numbers.

In person visits today: 0
Birthday cards received (not family): 2
Phone calls received: 3
E-Mails (from people, not companies): 0
Facebook Greetings: 111

Now, these numbers are skewed as I had a birthday get together for friends yesterday and also hung out with a bunch of people tonight at an event unrelated to my birthday, but the point is that in past years I used to receive a decent number of phone calls and drop ins, but this year it was mostly Facebook wall posts

I’m very grateful, it was neat to watch my unread e-mail count rise, but it just goes to support the argument that technology is taking away from human contact.


Ps. Thanks for all the Facebook greetings! 😉


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I was a phone call! Go facebook Gary!

Comment by Rory

i was a phone call too! i feel pretty proud about that!

Comment by sari

Sweet, I was one of the cards!

Comment by Garth

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