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Songs Pt.3
February 9, 2008, 5:31 pm
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Recently I’ve been spending a lot of time checking out a handful of really rad music blogs, and I’ve been finding some pretty great stuff. Instead of unloading all new stuff at once, I’m just going one at a time but also posting some old favorites. Stay tuned.

1. Paper Rival – Alabama
Bare bones drum rhythm, acoustic guitars and enchanting vocals. I haven’t been able to stop listening to/singing this song in my head since I first heard it.

2. Brand New – (Fork and Knife)
I just had to post it. If you liked Untitled 7, here it is with better production and a few tweaks. One of my favorite 2006 demos, now one of my favorite Brand New songs.

3. High and Driving – Baby Girl
Okay, I’m going a few years back with this one but it’s simply a fun track to sing along to.

Once again, please comment and let me know your thoughts. I see the numbers for people download, yet no one’s commenting. What the deal?
Also, once again, if you have anything to do with these songs and want them taken down, let me know.



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Alabama by Paper Rival! Great song. Great band. One of my favorites.

Comment by Tyler

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