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Big Casino
February 19, 2008, 1:23 am
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casino win

So I had never been to a Casino before…never gambled ever before actually…and this morning while I’m still waking up in bed Brendan calls with a ‘hey, wanna go to Casino Rama?’ and I said ‘Yes.’ True story.

So the two of us and Nicole go get some chinese buffet while discussing some pretty personal things and we leave the restaurant that much closer as we go to pick up Mark and Pam and make our way to the casino. Of course we had to stop off on the way for Monster Energy drinks.

Brendan and I made a deal that we each play $50, and afterwards we split our winnings until we both break even, then keep the extra to ourselves. Well, first is the slots where I quickly lose $30, so with my remaining $20 it’s time for the tables! Win some War (I can’t believe War is in the Casino…) before heading over the Roulette. I have to say, Roulette is my favorite. Kathy was our dealer and she was the best person ever.

I think I was at $30 when I started Roulette, and I fluctuated up before leaving the table with a measly $10. So myself and Brendan head to the bathroom, I put on the sweater I’ve been holding the whole night and we head back to the Roulette table without really thinking about it. It’s not long before I’m up to $45 and feeling good! Long story short, I went from $10 to $45, then from $45 to $90, then left the table again, came back and went up to $110 before leaving for real with $95. Oh, and somewhere in there we went to play War again where I lost $10 then quickly got it back in the next hand.

By the end up the night I left with $46.60 more than I came in with and was super happy because it was an all round solid night with friends. While heading back to the car I successfully gave Mark a piggy back ride, but he wasn’t able to do the same for me. We fell…and my hand hurts now.


The drive back was full of full car sing-a-longs (shout-a-longs?) to Weezer to the extent that my voice is now throbbing and not all there. Then we pulled over and Mark peed in the middle of the road.

That’s the brief of what happened, and it was all super good times had by all.
Thanks team. Solid night.



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this is a true story. for realsies.

Comment by mark

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