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It’s Fun To Stay At The…
February 25, 2008, 10:36 pm
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So I took some further steps to becoming more healthy by spending the majority of my weekend at the YMCA with friends. Saturday I played a few hours of squash with Garth and Adam, and Brendan showed up near the end. The rest of the night was spent at Garth’s playing darts and Risk (I’ve never played!) and playing acoustic guitar.

Sunday was spent at the Y! Myself, Dan and Brendan spent the whole day there playing squash, a little basketball, exercising, weight training, and of course, swimming. I’m going to try to go back often just for the pool, doing laps feels amazing and is really satisfying as a workout. I even had a pita for lunch…on WHOLE WHEAT!

I’ve been eating a lot better for the past month and have noticed a bit of a difference. I had to cut a new belt hole in my belt this morning!

Now I just have to get to the gym in the morning…good luck getting me out of bed.



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that’s my boy

hey- check out the band ‘Do Make Say Think’
if you haven’t already you know, become a fan 3 months ago. you’d like them.

Comment by michael

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