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Jimmy Eat World in Toronto ( 07/04/08 )
July 5, 2008, 12:17 pm
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Jimmy Eat World playing ‘Crush’ Live in Toronto ( 07/04/08 )
( Video at bottom of post )

A few weeks ago I found out Jimmy Eat World was coming to Toronto. I’ve never seen them live properly, only opening sets at festivals from far away, and very strongly considered going. Clarity is easily one of the greatest albums of it’s era and Bleed American dominated my life for a while. Moneen was opening, so obviously there’s another reason to go, but I just wasn’t sure. I wasn’t completely sold on the new Jimmy record (though Let It Happen is one of my favorite Jimmy songs of all time) and I figured they would be playing mostly Chase This Light songs, but as I was walking home from work I decided to turn right instead of left and head to the venue.

I’m so glad I went.

Firstly, Moneen, solid. It’s great to keep seeing them play to bigger and bigger crowds. I may miss the hall shows but they kill it every time. And yes Kenny, it did sound huge. Steve, good job. As I said last night, I didn’t think anyone would ever be able to take Peter’s place but you’re doing a good job. It was interesting running into Peter and Slorach, it was like an ex-Moneen reunion of sorts. And Nimmo was doing merch so good times all around.

Anyway, about the show. Jimmy Eat World was perfect. I gained a lot of respect for them last night, I would have to say they know their fans better than any band out there. Before I discuss, here’s a look at the setlist:

Big Casino
Always Be
Here it Goes
Praise Chorus
Get it Faster
Let it Happen
Your New Aesthetic
Lucky Denver Mint
Bleed American
Hear You Me
Goodbye Sky Harbor

If you’re keeping track, here’s the breakdown of how many songs were played off each album:

Clarity: 5
Bleed American: 6
Futures: 5*
Chase This Light:5

That is the most balanced set list I have ever seen from a band. Usually a band will play a few old songs, but this show was such a perfect mix of all their songs and it made me realize that Jimmy Eat World has always been the same band, the only change is the quality of recording. All of these songs sounded so perfect together!

They played every single song I wanted to see, which was definitely unexpected. I wanted nothing more than to see Crush, and there it was, only three songs into the set. If I was going to be overly picky I would have wanted If You Don’t, Don’t, Authority Song and Electable but that’s just me being overly greedy. I wouldn’t know which songs to remove to place these songs in, so it’s all good.

Honestly, one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time. And seeing those new songs live made me enjoy the new record so much more. As I said before, I’m so glad I went. Great night, great people, great bands, great show.

Next time their in town, I’ll be there, singing along once again.


*I counted Disintergration as a Futures song, since Stay On My Side Tonight was essentially Futures B-Sides

Jimmy Eat World – Crush ( Live Toronto 07/04/08 )


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An amazing show — you made the right choice! Jimmy never diappoints and is pretty good about mixing up their setlist everytime they come to town. I’ve seen them 5(?) times now and they are by far my favorite band to see live.

Comment by Lori

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