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MacBook = Dead?
July 6, 2008, 3:21 pm
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Mere minutes ago, as I’m checking my blog stats, my curser stops working. Then none of the keyboard shortcuts work…so I turn off my MacBook Pro, wait a few seconds, and turn it back on.
What do I see?

A folder, with a question mark, flashing on my screen.

I call Apple Care and I’m told my computer isn’t talking to the hard drive, it basically can’t find it. SO now I have to bring it in to a store for them to look at it, with a chance that everything on my hard drive will be lost.


I have way too much important stuff on my computer, I can’t afford to lose it. One thing is for sure, if (fingers crossed, prayers answered) my data is recovered, I’ll be backing up my hard drive weekly from now on.

This sucks…


Ps. I’m writing this from my Mom’s Dell. Bah.


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dude, i’ve had this happen before.

there’s a shop in london that was able to get everything off of it for me, and they only charged around $350, where every shop in toronto wanted $1000+

i’ll get their contact info for you.

Comment by kyle hutton

Kyle, that would be amazing! So you were able to fix the problem and get everything working again? Should I NOT bring it to the Mac store?

Comment by iamgaryhampton

take it to the mac store.

just dont let them format your hard drive.

they’re also famous for just giving you a new one, and not telling you. just be very clear that you need the documents from it.

Comment by kyle hutton

Good Luck! i hope you get all your files back 🙂

Comment by LockandLoad

That utterly sucks, i am not a mac user so i can’t give out any imput on how to resolve your issue, but if i had it to do all over again i would have bought a mac. I do like my pc but the stuff i am wanting to get into and do i now know that mac is the way to go…hope your issue is resolved soon

Comment by georgetallmage

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