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July 7, 2008, 9:46 pm
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Picture this: you live in an apartment for 19 months and you’re ready to move on. You give your notice to leave by a certain date, but receive a letter in the mail saying your notice was rejected and you’re forced to pay for an extra month’s rent. You fight it, but are told you’re powerless, you’re forced to be there a month longer than you wanted. So you accept it.

Over the next few months you slowly start moving your things to your new place. With just over a month left in the apartment the only things left are important paperwork, tax forms (T4’s), receipts, all of your lease information, all of your brand new kitchen stuff, your hard drives, clothing, plus thousands of dollars in musical equipment and your own albums. You even leave a couch there so that you can spend the night if need be.

Now, picture heading to the old apartment with plans to continue tidying and continue cleaning up. You get to your apartment, open the door…and the place is empty. All of your belongings; gone.

You walk out on the balcony, look at the garbage bins, and see your couch. You can only assume that’s where the rest of your stuff went to.

The next morning your worst nightmare is confirmed; your landlord and super intendant have gone into your apartment without giving you any sort of notice, went through your personal belongings and thrown everything into the garbage. Not only that, but this ‘garbage’ has already been picked up and is sitting in a landfill somewhere, and your landlord doesn’t care one bit. They tell you that you wanted out a month early, you were supposed to remove your belongings. All of this regardless of the fact that YOU’VE PAID FOR THE APARTMENT FOR THE REST OF THE MONTH! You still have the keys, you were still able to get in, and now your life is gone.

All of your old dv tapes containing everything you’ve ever shot and edited over the years, the sweater your aunt knit you from before you could remember (the one in the above picture), the paintings and drawings your friends drew for you when you moved out, all of your press passes for the concerts you’ve been to over the years, the signed posters addressed to you from your favorite bands…all of the things you can’t replace, gone.

And the people who illegally disposed of your property don’t care one bit.

This happened to me.

And it makes me feel physically sick.

I want compensation.

I can’t even comprehend this mess…

Updates to come. Until then, don’t trust your landlords.


04/04/09 UPDATE: We’ve had a few hearings now, and at the most recent one they brough 4 ‘witnesses’ (all who work in the building) to testify that the place was almost empty and that nothing of value was there. So, basically, they’re bringing 4 people in to lie, which is absolutely disgusting.

We have another hearing on Monday, I hope we can get it all dealt with. It’s been 9 months. If this case was a kid it’d be born by now.

The whole thing is dispicable and if they get away with this I’ll lose a lot of faith in authority and justice (as cliche as that may sound, I don’t know how else to word it.)

I just want this over with…

06/24/09 UPDATE: Had my final hearing today, should get the results by the end of next week.

07/08/09 UPDATE: I recieved the results in the mail last night and WE DID IT! I can’t even explain what a relief this is, not only to win it but to have it all over with. Plus it’s good to know that the truth prevails, that I didn’t have to lie and scam my way through it, and that even though their side lied they were still proven to be at fault. Lesson learned, tell the truth. Thanks to everyone for any support, from a ‘good luck’ to going as far as testifying for me (Dad). I appreciate it all.


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Sorry to hear this Gary!!! I can’t believe it!!!
If there is anything I can do you let me know. Love you! *hug*

Comment by kelly

They’re probabaly in the country illegally, get them kicked back to beansville

Comment by TYLER

I can’t even believe this…I read this and it made my blood boil Gary!
You absolutely must have justice!
Damn, I’m angry for you!

Comment by Nicole

the thing is, there’s no way everything even got thrown away. they wouldn’t throw away my gameboy or anything else that would be even remotely valuable. the reason they don’t care is likely because half of the stuff is now in their possession, not in a garbage dump.

Comment by mark

Exactly Mark, and all of my brand new kitchen stuff, tax forms, personal items…there’s no way it was all thrown out or that they could possibly believe that I didn’t want any of it.

Comment by iamgaryhampton

Landlords do suck! That’s why I sued my first one and threatened to sue my second one until he conceded. You go after them with all your wrath and fury! I will help in any way I can.

Comment by Adam

I will try to knit you a new sweater one day which will hopefully be comparable, but however just not the same as one as awesome as that one filled with memories ❤

Comment by Lindsay


Gary: That is the biggest bunch of shit i have ever heard.If you dont win this case, i too will have lost faith in justice. This may just call for the dark knight. I mean, they go into your place that you’re still paying for and not only without telling you, but decide that everything in the place is garbage? what a heap of crap. i hope you get something good out of this. probably isnt going to be worth everything you lost, but this deserves a fight. the battle is far from over.

Comment by Andrew

I can’t believe this is happening to you!!! Have you thought about going public with this? Newspapers, TV, anything and everything else!!! The criminal here is the landlord that basically trespassed on your property! Let us know if we can help.

Comment by Dianne Biishop

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