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July 14, 2008, 6:58 pm
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On MTV Live today we had Russ Lightwing, who analyses dreams among other things. The past few nights I’ve been having some weird dreams, so after the show I had a chat with him about what they could mean.

This guy is amazing.

I never believed in things like this before but without me saying anything, he outlined so much of my life for me. This is what I told him:

In my dream I was heading to a store, not sure which one, and to get to the store I had to go up some stairs, which then turned into a ladder which hung on the outside of the building. The whole time I was climbing I was terrified I would fall, and eventually climbed onto a balcony. The balcony belonged to an apartment building with one of my friends inside, along with her friends. They saw me, then asked me to come with them to a specific store they had in mind, yet I was too afraid to go back down the ladder with them and preferred to stay inside.

He then asked me my birthday and looked up some things in his book and told me this:

In past lives I was many things. I was once a Bolshevik communist and killed 4 members of royalty. He told me the ladder represented the climb of hierarchy, and even though it’s terrifying to go up I was also afraid to go back down. He told me to look into what had happened with the Bolsheviks around these months and I would find it similar to my own life. Turns out in the July months, a situation of dual power developed which was helpful. This is precisely what has happened to me at work over the past few weeks. He also says, like the communists, I have a strong love for money, but not in a sense that I want to keep it, in a sense that I wish to have it so as to not worry about it and to spread it among people I know. This is why instead of saving money I lend out to friends or start record labels to put out albums recorded by friends and don’t ask for anything in return.

I was also a Monk in another life. Once again, the want to spread wealth to others in need. He told me I have the feeling that I will live forever, which is why I never plan for the future. He told me I put myself down a lot, and that I have a fear of women, a fear that letting them into my life will lead to them harming me in some way.

He also went on about some personal things to do with my parents which was amazingly spot on, I didn’t even tell him they were divorced. He told me why it happened and also that what I think happened is wrong, even though he never told me what that was.

I’m simply astounded. I don’t even know what to say. But he did tell me to watch what I eat, that I could eat some bad meat and become sick, which is bizarre considering my mother came home with about 5-6 chickens worth of chicken and I brought most of it home to eat for the week…now I’m a little iffy about eating it.



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I’d eat the meat anyway cause I’m crazy like that.

Comment by Adam

Thanks for your comments Gary It was sure nice meeting you. I was facinated by your interest I seldom ever hear how my psychic Astrology attunements, effect people, that much, so glad you enjoyed it, I have shared this work with over 20,000 callers now It’s still always exciting Cheers Russ Lightwing


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