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August 31, 2008, 11:16 am
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I’m laying in a hotel bed in Calgary, half awake, recounting last night’s adventure. I flew in with my sister and we went to see Oasis, then braved the pouring rain to make it back to the hotel. I was never a huge Oasis fan, but my sister was and needed to see them live at some point in her life, so here I am in Calgary to help make that happen for her.

The whole thing gave me the urge to make a physical list of bands to see at some point in my life, what I like to call my ‘Live List’. I’ll keep updating as I think harder of who I have yet to see live, but enjoy tremendously on record.

My Live List, alphabetical and incomplete.

  • American Football (a man can dream…)
  • The Appleseed Cast Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto: April 21st 2009
  • Blur
  • Chiodos
  • Death Cab For Cutie
  • Foo Fighters
  • Glassjaw (reunion rumors)Reunion was legit, saw them 3 times in a week including the big home town show, November 28th 2009 in Long Island
  • Lydia
  • mewithoutYou
  • Name Taken (again, reunion rumors)
  • Neutral Milk Hotel/Jeff Mangum
  • Rx BanditsMod Club, Toronto: April 2nd 2010
  • Say AnythingThe Phoenix, Toronto: October 28th, 2009
  • The Snake The Cross The Crown
  • The Tragically Hip Wiarton Airfield, Wiarton: June 27th 2009
  • Weatherbox
  • Weezer
  • Well, ish. Saw the last song of the set, doesn’t really count at all.

This is a strange list, because some of these bands aren’t playing live anymore and some of them may not be my favorite bands, but I guess music, specifically live music, has always been such an important part of my life that I hope to bring this list to a zero and keep my list of bands seen live rising. To be able to say I’ve seen the Get Up Kids, Radiohead, Midtown, Muse, the Movielife, Kanye West, Silverchair, etc, is a great thing. I’m aware that I’ve been lucky in life in that I’ve been able to see some incredible shows and see some great bands before they stopped playing music, and that I have a job where it’s common to take a short break in the afternoon to head upstairs and watch some amazing bands soundcheck, it’s a completely different experience than seeing a live show that I enjoy very much.

Fingers crossed that this list starts diminishing…

Feel free to leave a comment; who’s on your live list?


Ps. So good.

2010: Year of Manchester
August 10, 2008, 8:16 pm
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This is why Manchester Orchestra will only continue to get bigger and bigger. 2007, good year. 2008, popularity grows. 2009, maybe a high profile tour, a new album, extensive touring. 2010, the Year of Manchester.

Go here or here if you dig it.

If you’re wondering, the song they play between 4:49 and 5:33 is the end of Circus by Colour Revolt. You can watch a live video below.

Also, I used one of Andy Hull’s acoustic songs in one of my Road Trip ’08 videos. Watch that below.

Good times.


Radiohead in Montreal ( 08/06/08 )
August 7, 2008, 8:30 am
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Radiohead in Montreal (original image by Zhu)

Yesterday was the day I’ve been excited for since I got my ticket last week; Radiohead in Montreal. I have quite a bit to write so I’ll try to keep it short with hopes people may actually read it, so I’ll try and keep it to the point.

Got on a bus in Toronto and about 5 hours later ended up in Ottawa with Michael. We got to his place shortly after midnight and I set up my bed on the couch. I wasn’t very tired, and at around 2am Shawna sent me a text saying we need to hang out while I’m in town, so what better time than the present? Who knew that as soon as we started walking it would start pouring? But I did see a downtown Ottawa fight which I’ve heard about in the past…

Anyway, woke up the next morning, bussed to Montreal, and headed to Schwartz’s for lunch. The line was way too long so we went somewhere else, but there was a sign saying there would be a 2nd Schwartz’s next door for take-out only which makes me excited for the future.

We met up with some other people and spent most of the afternoon waiting for the 6th person who had some of our tickets. It was quite a lot of waiting, but we got to the show, got through the packed metro, got through the massive line up and found a good spot to watch the show, sitting on the hill. And Grizzly Bear were a great opening act, I would think it would be hard to find a good opening band for Radiohead but they did it!

The rain wasn’t very pleasant but it wasn’t too bad, it really only affected the exit of the show with everyone walking through the mud.

Eventually, Radiohead took the stage. The last time I saw them was in 2006 and it was probably the best live show I’ve ever seen, so expectations were high, and expectations were met and exceeded. Firstly, the set-list:

  1. 15 Step
  2. There There
  3. Morning Bell
  4. All I Need
  5. My Iron Lung
  6. Nude
  7. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
  8. The Gloaming
  9. The National Anthem
  10. Fake Plastic Trees
  11. Continue reading

August 5, 2008, 12:12 pm
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Catch up on sleep.


Hammock camping.

7 out of 8 isn’t bad…


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