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Radiohead in Montreal ( 08/06/08 )
August 7, 2008, 8:30 am
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Radiohead in Montreal (original image by Zhu)

Yesterday was the day I’ve been excited for since I got my ticket last week; Radiohead in Montreal. I have quite a bit to write so I’ll try to keep it short with hopes people may actually read it, so I’ll try and keep it to the point.

Got on a bus in Toronto and about 5 hours later ended up in Ottawa with Michael. We got to his place shortly after midnight and I set up my bed on the couch. I wasn’t very tired, and at around 2am Shawna sent me a text saying we need to hang out while I’m in town, so what better time than the present? Who knew that as soon as we started walking it would start pouring? But I did see a downtown Ottawa fight which I’ve heard about in the past…

Anyway, woke up the next morning, bussed to Montreal, and headed to Schwartz’s for lunch. The line was way too long so we went somewhere else, but there was a sign saying there would be a 2nd Schwartz’s next door for take-out only which makes me excited for the future.

We met up with some other people and spent most of the afternoon waiting for the 6th person who had some of our tickets. It was quite a lot of waiting, but we got to the show, got through the packed metro, got through the massive line up and found a good spot to watch the show, sitting on the hill. And Grizzly Bear were a great opening act, I would think it would be hard to find a good opening band for Radiohead but they did it!

The rain wasn’t very pleasant but it wasn’t too bad, it really only affected the exit of the show with everyone walking through the mud.

Eventually, Radiohead took the stage. The last time I saw them was in 2006 and it was probably the best live show I’ve ever seen, so expectations were high, and expectations were met and exceeded. Firstly, the set-list:

  1. 15 Step
  2. There There
  3. Morning Bell
  4. All I Need
  5. My Iron Lung
  6. Nude
  7. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
  8. The Gloaming
  9. The National Anthem
  10. Fake Plastic Trees
  11. Reckoner
  12. Like Spinning Plates
  13. Jigsaw Falling Into Place
  14. Lucky
  15. Optimistic
  16. Idioteque
  17. Bodysnatchers
    Encore 1
  18. Faust Arp
  19. Videotape
  20. Paranoid Android
  21. Bangers and Mash
  22. Karma Police
    Encore 2
  23. House of Cards
  24. You And Whose Army?
  25. Everything In It’s Right Place

Yes, that’s right, I finally got Paranoid Android! Disappointed at the lack of Airbag, No Surprises, Street Spirit, Pyramid Song, and others but the set list was too good to complain about (and of those 4, 3 were played the last time I saw them live). Karma Police ended with Thom playing guitar softly while 35,000+ people sang ‘for a minute there I lost myself‘ together. (you can hear it in the mp3’s posted below)

As you can see, they played In Rainbows in its entirety and still got in a lot of classics at the same time. I was so glad I got to see Paranoid Android, when I first heard that song it changed my view on music as a whole and what a song was ‘allowed’ to be. (I was 10-11 years old at the time and was only getting into music, Radiohead being one of the first bands I actually listened to as a band and not just a single)

I think it’s also important to point out that at 35,000, this show boasted the second largest crowd that the ‘parc’ had ever seen, seconded only to the 42,000 which Metallica was able to bring out back in 2003.

One of the best parts of the night was the coincidental occurance of having a fireworks conference next to the outdoor venue, which meant there was a very elaborate and expensive fireworks show going on from My Iron Lung until the end of the show. I questioned whether it was planned by the band or even happening on purpose (some blasts went on for so long I wondered if there was a fireworks factory fire or something) but at the end of the show I googled it and discovered the conference. Enjoyable, added to the atmosphere of the night.

There were a few points during the show where Thom even commented on the fireworks, right before Videotape saying ‘paying all this money for fireworks, the least you could do is fuckin’ do it at the end…and in time. Darling, really. Really, darling‘. A few songs before, during Faust Arp, Thom replaces the lyrics ‘duplicate and triplicate’ with ‘duplicate and fireworks’.

All in all, brilliant show. Apparently Nigel is touring with them which explains why the sound was so incredible. Not just a great performance by the band, but there were times (especially during My Iron Lung) where I was distracted by how great the sound was being mixed live. Amazing set list, amazing performance, amazing atmosphere, everything I wanted and more.

I’ve uploaded high quality mp3’s of the entire show, but to make it simple I’ve put all 26 files into a Zip folder. Right click below and select ‘save target/link as’ and save it to your computer. Feel free to share, but please link to this page rather than the zip file. Thanks!


If you’d like to check the quality before downloading the full show, here’s Idioteque and Jigsaw Falling Into Place.
I should note that I didn’t personally record this audio, someone sent me the files and I converted them into a shareable format.

It seems the server the files were on has gone down…I really don’t know but I can only assume. If you have somewhere else I can host these let me know.

The adventure home was a whole other story which I’ll explain later on, but was comprised of:

  • 30,000+ people trying to leave at the same time through the Metro, which simply does not work
  • walked back to bus station over the bridge (thanks to the Man in the Yellow Jacket!)
  • sleeping on the sticky bus station floor
  • finally the 5:30am bus arrives, and the driver drives away without me after telling me to change my ticket
  • wait for next bus, eventually get back to Ottawa (Michael’s house)
  • sleeping until 4pm

I’ll elaborate further later on. For now, good times with friends in Ottawa. Back to Barrie tomorrow for a weekend of who knows what!


Ps. Speaking of Radiohead, here’s an old video I made with Rikki using Everything In It’s Right Place.

Good times.

EDIT: Turns out all the songs I didn’t see (but wanted to) were played in Toronto this past Friday. So if I would have went to both, I would have got to see everything I wanted. But camping was fun, and I’ve seen them before as I mentioned, so I’m not bummed.


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I was there too! Thanks for the setlist. Now I can make the list on my computer :P. Sounds like you had a memorable time 😛

Comment by Tim

Yeah, thanks indeed for the setlist! I have a couple of pictures, most of them are blurry but still… better than nothing!

Comment by Stephanie

Thanks for the setlist. That show was just so amazing! Definately worth the metro madness, mud and rain.

Comment by Karyn

Hey there,

I was at the concert too and I have a bunch of pictures and videos. I was far so don’t expect to see the band close but feel free to browse!

I’m uploading everything on my flickr account, and add the picture on my own blog within a few days.

You can go to the “pics” section in my blog. 😉 Let me know if you want any, I have them all bigger on my hard drive.

Comment by Zhu

Hey… I was there too… for 2 hours wating in line for the Metro… there is something very wrong about that… I just don’t get it why it took so long to get people out of thisa site… anyway… great show… with the fireworks… it was magic!

Comment by Fred

The reason there were fireworks is because nearby there’s an amusement park (Laronde) and they have fireworks shows during the summer nights.

Glad you enjoyed the show, I know it blew me away too. =)

Comment by kat

Zhu, thanks for letting me use one of your pictures!
Fred, thanks for the audio files, downloading right now!

Comment by iamgaryhampton

My friend and I flew in from Winnipeg specifically just for that show, and we were blown away. I thought the set-list exceeded my expectations (thanks for posting, btw), with Fake Plastic Trees, Paranoid Android and Videotape being my highlights. I totally agree with the great sound mixing – quite impressive for a big outdoor venue.

I’ve got lots of pics, and I’m presently uploading a bunch of videos to youtube. Look for my postings there (fever28). I hope to get them all up in the next couple of days. We were fairly close to the stage, in front of Jonny Greenwood.

Comment by Jonathan

Hey, I was there too, along with the 35000 or so people. Check out my blog… links to a few videos and pictures – I was in first row.

Comment by M.L.

happiest-underwater.blogspot.com (re: post above)

Comment by M.L.

The show was amazing!
how can i get the audio files?

Comment by warren

Hey Gary! Did you find a place to host the mp3s of the show yet? I had a ticket to the show but I couldn’t afford the airfare to get there 😦

Comment by Neil

Hey Neil, nothing yet. I’ll update as soon as someone offers some web space. I could use Rapidshare or something but I’d rather host them myself.

Comment by iamgaryhampton

I was at this show too. amazing night and amazing experience. any way i could get the MP3’s or pictures. none of us had cameras or anything so we are 100% pic, video and audio free at the moment which sucks royally. any help would be much appreciated.

Comment by Matt MacDonald

Thanks for the setlist! Amazing show.

Comment by Olivier Morneau

[…] Première partie: Grizzly Bear. Groupe très prometteur à découvrir rapidement, c’était excellent. Vers 20h45, Radiohead embarque sur la scène. L’accueil fut grandiose. La performance du groupe fut grandiose. Les effets spéciaux avec écrans, jeux de lumières, tubes de verres lumineux qui pendaient de la scène étaient grandioses. Les feux d’artifices (de La Ronde) étaient… un peu de trop. La setlist? […]

Pingback by Radiohead @ Montréal, Parc Jean-Drapeau, 6 août 2008 « Le Mur de Bièrelin

My little story, sorry for the long post. Thanks a bunch for the set list though!

Ok so sometime in May or June my buddy and I are drinking at his apartment with a bunch of our friends (we live in Ottawa). All of a sudden he comes out of his room and tells me he bought me a ticket for Radiohead (that I had to pay for, of course). I was drunk and quite careless so I said “Sweet, where and when is the show?”, and he tells me it’s in Montreal. Just from hearing that I get excited since I had just seen the Foo Fighters in March back in MTL and was blown away (it was an amazing concert, but when in MTL, one must always party it up afterwards, which we did, and made the 2-day bender kick-ass). So it was already lookin good for Radiohead.

I never listened to Radiohead before (minus hearing Karma Police a few times on the radio), so I got all their albums and for 2 months I just listened day and night to their music and kept telling myself “Why the hell haven’t I been listening to these guys before!” Their music is, and always will be, absolutely amazing. And live, OMG! They sound so perfect it’s unbelievable. I was so impressed that I knew roughly 20 of the 25 songs they played, which made the concert so much more enjoyable. Gotta give it to Grizzlybear though, great opener for sure. I found the rain was actually a nice addition, as it cooled down the nasty heat we had been gettin with all the humidity and made the concert all the more memorable (a la Woodstock). My highlight of the concert: Weird Fishes/Aperggi. Although the light show was exceptional for every song, this one struck me particularly as you really felt like you were in some galactic underwater world.

I will definitely be seeing these guys in concert again!!!

Comment by Apsco

Awesome show!!! Great idea of recording the show. Can you share some love? How can I get your mp3s man???

Comment by Melanie Bourdon

Hey, I was there too was a great time. Yea everybody was singing Karma police holy crap lol. You missed when Thom was talking about the fireworks, he said “the least they could do is wait till the end of the show, yeesh, haha” joking around. He started laughing in the middle of a song too haha.

Comment by Hearad

Thanks for posting this!
I was at this amazing show, my first Radiohead concert, and was overwhelmed by how incredible it was.

Comment by rudolph

I was there too. I wasn’t a fanboy before this show and now I listen to Radiohead everyday ! Thanks a lot for the MP3s.

Comment by PiX

I was there also! AWESOME show! I wanted to hear a few other songs too like “I MIGHT BE WRONG” “BULLET PROOF…I WISH I WAS” “EXIT MUSIC FOR A FILM” “STREET SPIRIT” & “PYRAMID SONG” but they have alot of material so i didn’t expect to hear EVERYTHING i wanted to hear!

THANKS for posting the set list though!!!!!

Comment by Shawn

Just wondering if you remember what time the show finished? I’m planning to go to Toronto to see them on Friday but I need to know a rough idea of how long the entire show was (including Grizzly bears) so I can book my bus time. Much appreciated.

Comment by Derek

Wow! Thanks for the wicked audio tracks! How did you get such good quality? Amazing!!

Comment by Jess

Thanks so much for your website! It’s like I’m there again:) Where were you exactly? Sometimes I think i can hear myself in the background!
This was defenitely one of the best nights of my life, I love this band with all my soul…

Comment by Vero

Dude thanks for the live set.. you say your from Barrie? I was partying with the Cooper brothers last week at the show and in other places.

Small world.

Comment by Mazda

oh ps. you missed Hieroglyphics and Souls of Mischief playing at Babylon in Ottawa Tuesday night.. if you’re into hip-hop that is 😛

We didn’t find out until we drove into Ottawa tuesday morning!

Comment by Mazda


The Metro was hell, I seen 4 people pass out just beside me over the two hours trying to find our way out. I was close to the front so I was at the back leaving!

Comment by Adam

Thanks for the audio, it’s amazing! Here’s hoping they tour again in 2010, I *have* to bring some bigger Radiohead fans so I can shove my way to the front XD

Also, the coolest part was when there was a rainbow just after the rain cleared at the end of the Grizzly Bear act, there’re pictures on Facebook too.

Comment by Malon


As everyone else “I was there too” and I had many little adventures as well. So much so that I had tickets to NEW York onthe Staruday night but me and my car were still recovering from the Montreal show that I coudln’t go… I was just so sad!!!!!!

I was trying to download the music but I couldn’t is it just my compter or is it possbile that I’m dong soemthing wrong. I am desperately looking for a CD of the concert.



Comment by stephanie

i was there too. the best day in my life.

simply, amazing!!!!

Comment by sandra

Hey, is it possible for you to upload your mp3s somewhere? One place I know of is http://www.zshare.net; I’ve never uploaded anything there but I’ve downloaded and it seems to work ok. Thanks for the review and setlist!

Comment by Matt

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