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Ten Years Later
November 16, 2008, 10:24 am
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Next year Jimmy Eat World will be doing their Clarity X Tour, celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the release of their 1999 album Clarity. Though Bleed American may have been their most commercially successful release, it can be argued that Clarity was the most successful in terms of impact and influence.

Along the same lines, and released the same year, was an album called Something To Write Home About by a band called The Get Up Kids. If you’ve heard me speak words from my mouth before you’ve most likely heard me talk about this album. A few months ago I started talking to some musician friends about putting on a show next September to celebrate the 10 year release of STWHA, but plans were halted when I heard that The Get Up Kids would be reuniting to do just that; a 10 year later anniversary tour of Something To Write Home About. Right now the only date scheduled is a hometown show in Kansas, but the tour is in the works and I’m hopeful it’ll reach to Canada just as the farewell tour did.

I can’t deny that I’m a very nostalgic person, and with my favorite era of music almost a decade old I’ve been slacking on new music due to the hold late 90’s/early 2000’s music has on me. But with the announcement of these two tours maybe I won’t be the only one…

See you at the shows, I’ll be the one who’s way too happy for words.


Ps. The Clarity X tour isn’t coming to Canada, so I’m hoping to find someone who’s willing to road trip to the states with me. Anyone?