I Am Gary Hampton.

Coming Home
March 29, 2009, 7:55 pm
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As much as I try to, I’ve been coming back home less often as time goes on. I guess it’s all a part of that thing they call ‘growing up’. But coming home less often has it’s perks, one of which is that it gives my Mum more time to find things from my childhood. Now-a-days coming home usually means some sort of trip back in time, and this weekend was no exception.

Firstly, a continutation of something I started before the snowfall this past winter. You see, when I was a kid I loved action figures. But there came a point where I was getting older and I knew I wouldn’t be using my action figures anymore but I still wanted to keep them. I knew my Mum would throw them away or donate them, so being the selfish nostalgic kid I was/am, I buried all of my action figures in my back yard, mostly underneath my tree fort. The tree fort is long gone but the action figures are still buried beneath the dirt and leaves, so I went out back and did some digging.

I didn’t search very hard but found a few action figures from my past:

Next time I’m home maybe I’ll bring a shovel back there with me.

Secondly, when I was in high school I built a puzzle for some sort of art/woodshop project. I’m pretty sure it was mostly for art, but I think it was mostly a creative project and less about the art itself.

My mum pulled out a shoebox with all the pieces and I started placing them together, which eventually lead to success.

I wonder what sort of nostalgia will be awaiting me next time I come home.



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