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Where Did Spring Go?
April 4, 2009, 9:16 pm
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I was really enjoying the nice weather and the beginning of spring over the past few weeks. The fact that there were moments when I was warm in a t-shirt and unzipped sweater made me happy.

But then this morning happened. I came home yesterday after a day of pouring rain and was hoping it would eventually stop. Well, it did, but it just turned into snow. I woke up to snow. I’M DONE WITH SNOW!

Here’s what I awoke to:

Come on Spring, don’t tease me like that. Winter, I’ll see you next year, let’s not make things awkward by having you linger around. We had our fun, now it’s time for you to leave.

It’s actually not so bad, most of it has melted at this point. But still…not cool.



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Where about do you live? That sucks. I have been away from Ottawa all winter and I was hoping for okay weather when we come back next week. Can’t stand the sight of snow after last year…

France isn’t great right now but at least it’s pretty warm.

The rest of the world doesn’t know how lucky they are to have an actual spring…!

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