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August 9, 2009, 11:57 pm
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I remember it well…

It was early 2003 and I was at my dad’s house. While I don’t recall exactly how it came about, I remember having a discussion about music and discovering new bands, I mention something about the number of albums I’m interested in that I’ve yet to hear (this is a time before every band had a MySpace page). I was heading to the mall to browse, not having any money. My dad handed me a $20 and said something along the lines of ‘go buy one of those albums you were talking about‘ and off I go.


I returned home with an album called Your Favorite Weapon by a band called Brand New. While I had never heard the band’s music before, their name had been tossed around on IRC and by some other bands such as New Found Glory, one of my favorites at the time. A sticker on the cd case spoke of a new album being released a few months later, what would become Deja Entendu. I remember putting YFW in the stereo, pressing play, and hearing their music for the first time.

I was instantly hooked.

The Shower Scene was the first song I heard, and right away I was in love with the sound and as the album played on I became even more impressed by the vocals and lyrics. To say the least, I was pleased with my purchase.

Later that summer the band released their second album, Deja Entendu, paired with some dates on the Warped Tour. I remember waiting in line with the list of bands playing the Barrie date that day, marking off which bands I wanted to see. My friends and I get inside, check the set times, and I notice Brand New are playing at the same time as The Starting Line, a favorite among my circle of friends at the time. That time comes around and I venture over to the side stage alone as all of my friends head main stage for TSL.

This would be the first time I see Brand New live. It was incredible.

As I’ve mentioned before on here, Brand New is the only band I’ve ever traveled to see live. My first post on this blog was about them. I have very clear memories of each album being released and the first time I heard songs from each one, and I remember each time being so excited by what I was hearing.


Brand New are a band that have evolved over the years with my musical tastes. Each time they release an album, it’s much different than the one before it yet exactly what I’m craving at the time. When I first heard YFW I was near the end of my pop-punk era, when I first heard Deja Entendu I was ready for something new (no pun intended), when I first heard the 2006 Demos I was once again overly excited, and finally when The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Of Me was released it was exactly what I needed at the time.

Today Brand New posted their new single At The Bottom on their MySpace page. I’m not pleased to say that this is the first time I’ve heard a track from an upcoming Brand New album and I haven’t had that excited feeling I’ve come to expect. I guess I was expecting more, but by now I should know not to have expectations with Brand New, because you really never know what to expect.

That being said, this video of a leaked demo * gives me that excited feeling, makes me ache to hear the full track. So although the single hits me as pretty standard, I’m still very excited to hear Daisy in it’s entirety.

Your Favorite Weapon hit me instantly. Deja Entendu hit me instantly. Devil and God took me some time but didn’t take long before it was my favorite of their albums. So far it sounds like Daisy will also take some time…

Can’t wait for the album, and I can’t wait for the tour in the fall where I’ll be seeing them 3 times (hopefully 4 if plans work out).


*I recently found out that this demo is not actually Brand New, but a band called The Republic of Wolves who just happen to have vocals which aren’t dissimilar to Jesse’s. Check them out by clicking here, especially the Cardinals demo.


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