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540 Scrabble
September 27, 2009, 10:50 am
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Last night at Garth and Sarah’s new house we played a game of 540 Scrabble. The rules are similar to Scrabble, except you don’t have to use real words. As long as you can define or rationalize a word that may not be in the dictionary, all is well. And acronyms are allowed.

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Blokmeets: What an unintelligent person who call a ‘Block Party’ if they also misspelled ‘Block’
Played by: Adam

Coilernuts: Nuts found in a coiler.
Played by: Rory, pluralized by Adam
ROOT: Coiler: A certain form of fecal matter in a toilet, not unlike a coiled snake.
Played by: Garth

Cru: Misspelling of ‘crew’
Played by: Garth

Demap: Phenetic spelling of an Austrian asking for ‘the map’. ex: “Give me demap!”
Played by: Garth

Dolt: A sound in the onomatopoeia family.
Played by: Adam

Dotz: Alternate, and cooler, spelling of ‘Dots’
Played by: Garth

Dreamery: A place where wonderful dreams are created; purchased.
Played by: Gary

Gaybeers: An alcoholic beverage which is not very manly.
Played by: Garth and Gary, pluralized by Adam

G.H.N.U.N.V.O.I.D.E: Gary Hampton Never Uses Ninjas Violently Or In Daylight, Ever
Played by: Rory, ‘Ever’ added by Adam
ROOT: Nunvoid: a lack of nuns in a certain area.
Played by: Garth

Iany: Something Ian would do.
Played by: Rory

Naraph: 1. What the other Ninja Turtles tell Raphael when they don’t agree with his statements. 2. A nocturnal giraffe without spots.
Played by: Adam, definition 2 defined by all.

Pluf: A female form of a ‘shart’
Played by: Adam

QS: Questions
Played by Garth

Rojr: How an uneducated person may spell the name ‘Roger’ if they had only heard it spoken and never seen it written
Played by: Gary

S.I.I.I.F: Something Interestingly Intelligent, If Funny. In other words, a smart joke.
Played by: Gary

V.A.Q.: Violently Asked Questions (often the response to ‘Vewtao‘)
Played by: Garth

Vewtao: A form of martial arts where an opponent is struck quickly and without warning, often without reason.
Played by: Rory

Woofnuts: 1. A dog’s testicles. 2. Accidental testicle injury caused by an unexpected noise or action of a dog.
Played by: Rory, definition 2 by Gary

Yelinat: A shorter way to say ‘Yelling At’. ex: ‘Stop yelinat me!’
Played by: Gary

Real words: Axe, Pace, Woe, DJ, Trial, Tit, Hi, A&E



Newfoundland Coles Notes
September 2, 2009, 2:15 pm
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This past weekend I went to Newfoundland with Oh No Forest Fires for a weekend tour. Here’s the breakdown.

Friday: woke up before the sun, headed to the airport with Nimmo and caught our flight. Landed in Newfoundland, went to Rajiv’s mom’s house. Played some SNES, ate some spaghetti, played some basketball, Nimmo had a seizure in the driveway, Brock and Rajiv thought he was joking, 40minutes later we went to the hospital, 6hours later we left the hospital. Show at The Ship in St. John’s, PACKED room, sold merch and shot some video. Got home around 4am, slept.

Saturday: Woke up, ate a bagel, went to move gear from The Ship to The Rock House. Spent the day around downtown St. John’s, then back to Rajiv’s for a nap. Watched Hey, Rosetta start their set at The Ship, then headed to The Rock House for show #2. Good times. Partied on George Street, walked down the pier with Nimmo and Matt, headed home around 5am, slept.

Sunday: Woke up for a delicious breakfast/lunch, moved gear from The Rock House to CBTG’s, hung out there for a while waiting for show #3. Brock randomly signed up for a 10minute stand up set across the deck. Discovered Apple Pie shots. Brock did some stand-up, show #3 happened, turned into a cover jam night, drank way too much, got home about an hour before needing to head to the airport.

Monday: Headed to the airport without sleeping, I think I got some sleep on the plane. Met Nicole at the airport in Toronto, cabbed to work. Worked through the tired.

Good times. Videos to come.


Six Years Later…
September 1, 2009, 4:25 am
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I recently went to see Moneen open for Taking Back Sunday at the Kool Haus, six years after seeing Moneen open for Taking Back Sunday at the Kool Haus. I was asked to review the show for a friend who couldn’t make it. I had a great time, Moneen was great as always and TBS really impressed me.

Read my full review here: Press+1