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540 Scrabble
September 27, 2009, 10:50 am
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Last night at Garth and Sarah’s new house we played a game of 540 Scrabble. The rules are similar to Scrabble, except you don’t have to use real words. As long as you can define or rationalize a word that may not be in the dictionary, all is well. And acronyms are allowed.

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Blokmeets: What an unintelligent person who call a ‘Block Party’ if they also misspelled ‘Block’
Played by: Adam

Coilernuts: Nuts found in a coiler.
Played by: Rory, pluralized by Adam
ROOT: Coiler: A certain form of fecal matter in a toilet, not unlike a coiled snake.
Played by: Garth

Cru: Misspelling of ‘crew’
Played by: Garth

Demap: Phenetic spelling of an Austrian asking for ‘the map’. ex: “Give me demap!”
Played by: Garth

Dolt: A sound in the onomatopoeia family.
Played by: Adam

Dotz: Alternate, and cooler, spelling of ‘Dots’
Played by: Garth

Dreamery: A place where wonderful dreams are created; purchased.
Played by: Gary

Gaybeers: An alcoholic beverage which is not very manly.
Played by: Garth and Gary, pluralized by Adam

G.H.N.U.N.V.O.I.D.E: Gary Hampton Never Uses Ninjas Violently Or In Daylight, Ever
Played by: Rory, ‘Ever’ added by Adam
ROOT: Nunvoid: a lack of nuns in a certain area.
Played by: Garth

Iany: Something Ian would do.
Played by: Rory

Naraph: 1. What the other Ninja Turtles tell Raphael when they don’t agree with his statements. 2. A nocturnal giraffe without spots.
Played by: Adam, definition 2 defined by all.

Pluf: A female form of a ‘shart’
Played by: Adam

QS: Questions
Played by Garth

Rojr: How an uneducated person may spell the name ‘Roger’ if they had only heard it spoken and never seen it written
Played by: Gary

S.I.I.I.F: Something Interestingly Intelligent, If Funny. In other words, a smart joke.
Played by: Gary

V.A.Q.: Violently Asked Questions (often the response to ‘Vewtao‘)
Played by: Garth

Vewtao: A form of martial arts where an opponent is struck quickly and without warning, often without reason.
Played by: Rory

Woofnuts: 1. A dog’s testicles. 2. Accidental testicle injury caused by an unexpected noise or action of a dog.
Played by: Rory, definition 2 by Gary

Yelinat: A shorter way to say ‘Yelling At’. ex: ‘Stop yelinat me!’
Played by: Gary

Real words: Axe, Pace, Woe, DJ, Trial, Tit, Hi, A&E



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HA! Good job Gary, though I did not play Dotz. And I am pretty sure the nuts part of Coilernuts was my handy work. All things with nuts in them were mine infact. I had a lot of nuts.

Comment by Rory

540 Scrabble is definitely a new staple! True say Rory, I was Dotz, but Adam can have it 🙂

We shall have to play a round two

Comment by Garth

Fixed some of the credits! And yeah, definitely need to play this again and with everyone else.

Comment by iamgaryhampton

this is amazing. i have already set up a 540 scrabble game night.

Comment by Natasha

This is a cool idea but I think I would drive fellow players insane with my ability to rationalize words even more outlandish than those above.

Comment by Garin Kilpatrick

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