I Am Gary Hampton.

Brand New in NY

Saturday November 28th 2009. Nassau Coliseum, Long Island, New York. Brand New, GlassJaw, Thrice, Manchester Orchestra and Kevin Devine.

Much more to come regarding the show tonight, including a bunch of photos and videos* from each of the bands, but for now, here are the set lists.

And might I add, such a solid show, incredible night. I’m glad I could be a part of it. You support a band for years and it’s great to see them pull off a show like this in their home city. Anyway, set lists:

Kevin Devine

  1. Just Stay
  2. Carnival
  3. Another Bag of Bones*
  4. Cotton Crush*
  5. Brother’s Blood

Manchester Orchestra

  1. Wolves at Night
  2. I Can Barely Breathe*
  3. I’ve Got Friends
  4. Shake It Out
  5. Where Have You Been? (featuring Kevin Devine and a portion of his song ‘You’ll Only End Up Joining Them’)


  1. Of Dust And Nations*
  2. The Earth Will Shake
  3. All The World Is Mad
  4. A Song For Milly Michaelson
  5. The Artist in the Ambulance
  6. Silhouette
  7. Beggars


  1. Tip Your Bartender
  2. Mu Empire
  3. New Song (if you know the title please comment)
  4. Ape Dos Mil*
  5. The Gillette Cavalcade of Sports
  6. (You Think You’re) John Fucking Lennon
  7. Pink Roses
  8. Siberian Kiss

Brand New

  1. Welcome to Bankok*
  2. Sink*
  3. Degausser
  4. You Won’t Know
  5. Okay I Believe You, but My Tommy Gun Don’t
  6. Sic Transit Gloria…Glory Fades
  7. Limousine
  8. Vices
  9. Gasoline
  10. Sowing Season
  11. You Stole
  12. Luca
  13. The Archers Bows Have Broken
  14. Jesus Christ
  15. Bought a Bride
  16. At The Bottom
  17. Play Crack The Sky (featuring Andy Hull from Manchester Orchestra)
  18. Seventy Times 7

*indicates a live video of the song will be posted here within the next few days

As I said, more to come. For now, time for late night tv and sleep.



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