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Taking Back Sunday + 2010 = Original Lineup


Only days after a Refused reunion rumor became the talk of the internet (sparking the ‘should every influential band reunite’ debate) it is now being said that Taking Back Sunday are going back to their original line-up, not seen since 2003 when John Nolan and Shaun Cooper left the band to form Straylight Run.

As I previously posted, Straylight Run have recently broken up, and we may now have a better understanding of why.

Now, I should mention that there is no official word yet from Taking Back Sunday confirming the ‘reunion’, but both Matt Rubano and Matt Fazzi have posted ‘goodbye’ messages on the band’s official website, and both John Nolan and Shaun Cooper have posted hints online at this being true. But the most telling sign is the image which appears when you go to the Taking Back Sunday site; a current picture of the original line-up with all of their eyes blacked out.

This is huge. Tell All Your Friends (their 2002 debut album) was one of the most influential records of the past decade, and it is widely accepted that this was due to the combination of Adam Lazzara and John Nolan. Since Nolan’s departure, the band has gone through two replacements for his position, and I mean no disrespect at all to either of them when I say neither were able to fill the void which was left. It was apparent on future albums (most notably Where You Want To Be) that the band had tried to copy that magic found on the first album, but without Nolan there to help in the song writing, it has come across as somewhat forced.

But this…this excites me. The prospect of the original line-up back together makes me excited, probably because I’m unapologetically nostalgic but also because of the wave of TBS wannabe bands creating terrible music in an attempt to fill this void that was left back in 2003. Maybe now we can have the real thing back in action again to show them how it’s done.

Then again, maybe it won’t be good…maybe it too will seem forced and will ruin the good memories I have of the band. I sure hope that’s not the case…why would I even write that? Let’s stay positive here!

Fingers crossed for a Tell All Your Friends reunion tour because I would LOVE to hear that whole album, with original line-up, live one more time.


EDIT: In speaking to my friend Brian about this, some questions have come up. Will they play songs post-departure? Will the continue to create new music? Will they tour before or after a new album? What about all those things Adam had to say about the old songs? I could go on about this so I’ll stop writing now…but so many things left to be answered.

UPDATE: March 31st, 2010 13:17

The band have posted a video on their YouTube channel of the original line-up shooting guns in the desert. Nothing is said in the video, but if you can read quickly enough, there is a message in the fast scrolling text at the end of the video that reads:

‘Sometimes it takes some time to remember where you were headed in the first place and the people you intended to go there with. There’s no hard feelings, just the future.’

Members of the band have been linking to the video on Twitter with their own messages:

  • AdamDamnLazzara: watch with your eyes. listen with your ears. you have two of both.
  • johnnolanmusic: so, here’s something you might want to see
  • marktbs: here is something that makes me happy! (NOTE: he had originally posted ‘hey there everybody, check this out. the real tbs is back!’ but quickly deleted it)
  • ShaunWCooper: Here’s that vid I was talking about…
  • TBSNewAgain: Videos are fun!
  • and even johnnolanmusic: it was so fun the first time i have to post it again

Still no word on what the band is planning, but this is progress people! Progress.


UPDATE: April 2nd,2010 13:22

Taking Back Sunday’s official Twitter sent out an interested Follow Friday Tweet today:

  • TBSNewAgain: #FF – @adamdamnlazzara, @eddiebacksunday, @marktbs, @shaunwcooper, @johnnolanmusic – because…
  • Still no official word, but here’s some more very obvious hinting! Still waiting for that next Tweet to finish the ‘because…


    UPDATE: April 7th, 2010 12:44

    Still nothing official from the band, but in most people’s minds this is 100%. If this isn’t telling enough, I don’t know what is.


    FINAL UPDATE: April 13th, 2010 15:20

    This is getting very drawn out, but this article from MTV.com solidifies that the original line-up is together again, working on a new album, and plan to tour.



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    Do you have any favorite stories about your kids

    Comment by Dejesus

    I don’t have any kids…

    Comment by iamgaryhampton

    John Nolan and Cooper IS NOT left Straylight Run. They just in an “indefinite hiatus” because without Michelle DaRosa, they just feels empty.
    and I think TBS will be more indie rock in future

    Comment by ghani arasyid

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