I Am Gary Hampton.

About Me
Gary Hampton

Gary Hampton

I was born Gary Colin Edward Hampton in January 1987 in Chelmsford, England, moved to Canada 18 months later. Did the whole ‘growing up’ thing in small town Stroud before moving to Toronto in 2006 where I currently reside.

I spent my high school years interviewing bands and going to a lot of concerts.

Between 2006 and 2014 I worked at MTV Canada, specifically on MTV Live, 1 girl 5 gays and MTV News, interviewing bands once again.

between 2014 and 2016 I worked as a freelancer on projects such as the Hometown Hockey Tour, the 2015 PanAm Games, and the 2016 Olympics for CBC.

In 2017 I spent 5 months living with in Melbourne, Australia before living with my Nan in England for 2 months, She’s simply the greatest.

I then moved back home to Canada and started work in the film and television industry as an Office Production Assistant. I’m currently working as a Set Production Assistant in the Assistant Director field.

I’m a non-professional musician, mostly drums. My most recent band was called Numbers & Figures. If you click these words here you can to listen to/download all of our music for free. I wish I could play drums for a living.

Currently I’m making music under the name Snow Days where I record everything you hear. I’ve yet to get friends together to perform these songs live, but I’d like to one day.

The interviews posted on this blog were conducted between 2004-2006, originally for ThePunkSite.com.

I exist elsewhere on the internet, it’s not that hard to find where those places may be.

And I know what you’re thinking, and I’ve answered it before:

Q: Phantom: What’s the point of this whole thing?

A: It’s essentially my public journal, mostly for my friends but as it’s on the internet, I’m well aware anyone can access it. Just a place to write about things I get excited about and post things that excite me for others to enjoy.

If you want to know anything else about me, just ask me on my FormSpring by clicking here.


[disclaimer: the views expressed on this website/blog are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer.]


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Gary, I would like to know why you always look like you just woke up in your pictures. I sure hope you answer my question.

Sincerely yours,

Comment by Adam

what’s the point of this whole thing?

Comment by phantom


I would really love to download the radiohead concert recording (I was in the first row :D)but it just doesn’t work! Is there a way you could send it to me or give me another link?

Thanks a lot,

Comment by Samuel

hey gary are you still doing interviews?

Comment by matt

I haven’t conducted my own interview for a while, but am definitely still interested. I think the last interview I did for MTV was Moneen in the studio for their last record which didn’t make it to air and for TPS.com it was either The Sound of Animals Fighting’s first ever interview or a Midtown interview that never made it online. I should try to find that tape…either way that was some time in 2005.

Comment by iamgaryhampton

I just read back on this question. I am indeed doing them again, a lot of off camera interviews for MTV News. Check out my YouTube page, I post most of them there.

Comment by iamgaryhampton

It said that you’re most recent band was called Numbers & Figures. Last year or the year before I found some videos of Numbers & Figures which led me to the myspace page, I managed to get some songs off the page, but the iPod I put them on was stolen. I havent been able to find the myspece page link ever since, just a small label that was called the Meadows Collective which had a video of yours on it. I really enjoyed the music and was wondering if there was anyway you could send me some of it?

Comment by Danielle

Thanks for the positive words! I had all the songs posted at http://numbersfigures.wordpress.com/music but the server went down, so once I find a new server I’ll post them again. Should be soon!

Comment by iamgaryhampton

The songs are up now!

Comment by iamgaryhampton

who is this “phantom”?

Comment by mark

I don’t know, but they commented on September 16, 2008. They could be anywhere by now!

Comment by iamgaryhampton

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