I Am Gary Hampton.

RIP Community (2009-2012)

Dan Harmon is no longer the show runner for Community, as he explains here: http://danharmon.tumblr.com/post/23339272200/hey-did-i-miss-anything

NBC/Sony, you’ve made a terrible mistake and I don’t think you realize why. Community is the child of Dan Harmon, raised with the help of a group of nanny’s who all do an incredible job bringing Harmon’s creation to life. Without Harmon, the child’s human elements become computers and wires. What I’m trying to say here by using this metaphor which has already fallen off the tracks and burst into flames, is that without Dan Harmon, Community is not the same show. As far as I’m concerned at this point, S03E22 ‘Introduction to Finality’ was a series finale, because it will be a very hard thing for me to consider season 4, a season without Harmon, to be canon.

I was asked on Facebook what I thought by a friend of mine and replied with this:

What do I think? I think NBC (or more specifically, Sony) fucked up. I think S03E22 can now be considered the series finale and season 4 shouldn’t be considered canon. I wonder if Chris McKenna or Megan Ganz will stick around, and if they’ll try to keep some sort of ‘WhatWouldDanHarmonDo’ mantra around.

I then posted my own status:

Sony, you did a terrible thing. You must not understand how much of Community IS Dan Harmon. I suppose S03E22 can now be considered the real series finale, as it’s going to be hard to think of season 4 as canon. Sony, you’ve made a lot of people Changry.

I just don’t get it. The man gives you the most creative, original, and exciting shows in recent years and you fire him without even having a conversation? You’ve alienated a massive, devoted fanbase. You might as well change the name of the show; calling it Community is insulting to the fans.

I think I’m going to go build a blanket fort to be sad in now…


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